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Youth Futures Guarantee

A new deal for young people

Many young people successfully navigate their way from education to employment and independence, but many get left behind.

Australia’s future well-being and standard of living will depend critically on the next generation of young people. The Youth Futures Guarantee lays out a framework of reforms and initiatives that will support young people meet the great challenges of the future, but these also benefit Australian businesses and the wider Australian community.

What Future?

NYCA Inquiry’s Interim Findings Report

Even before 2020 brought COVID-19 to Australia, it has been increasingly obvious for decades that despite Australia’s apparent prosperity, the prospects for young people leaving school and entering the workforce have been steadily worsening.

This is evident in the everyday life and experiences of young people across the nation, in families, schools, workplaces, and communities, and is backed up in trend reports and analyses coming out of government sources, the nation’s think tanks and universities.

This Interim Findings Report presents findings about the conditions for success needed by young people as they navigate their transitions from school to work, and from entry into the labour force towards sustainable employment.

Positions Vacant?

Youth Employment in Australia

Young people are exhorted to get an education and be prepared to work hard to gain a secure job and lead a comfortable life. But this connection is breaking down, with income and job prospects for younger people increasingly under threat in a rapidly changing economy and labour market.

This Discussion Paper reveals that several systems need to mesh together to support young people to make a successful school to work transition. It seeks to inspire fresh thinking about how governments, educators, employers and communities can do better.

Click here to download the discussion paper Positions Vacant? Youth Employment in Australia.

National Youth Commission

Micro Documentary

Find out more about the National Youth Commission Inquiry into Youth Employment and Transitions here.

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